Name Description Date My Blockchain Journey( HTML A4PDFHTML )

Introduction document regarding Blockchain technology with focus on the Ethereum implementation.
With the following content: Introduction, Architecture Overview, Definitions (Fork, Wallet), Networks, Ethereum Virtual Machine, Parity (Node), MetaMask (Wallet), Testnet (Ropsten), Solidity Programming Language (Development, Compilation), web3.js - Ethereum JavaScript API (Installation, Integration, Instantiation, Account Creation, Sign Transaction, Callbacks, API), Deployment, Tools, Truffle.

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September 2018 My Docker Journey

Gives an overview of the following topics: Docker CE versus Docker EE 6, Installation (Ubuntu, Permission), Overview (Daemon, Client, Registry, Objects, Technology, Storage & Union File System, Network), Get Started (Container: Dockerfile, Application, Naming Convention, docker run, docker login, docker push, docker commit).

September 2018 edoc application for epub edoc application for epub: Electronic document reader application that enables the user to read documents in epub format, perform permanent document marking and highlighting in different colors and store them together with the document portable across different readers and platforms.
February 2015